What is The Adventures of Unemployed Man?

The Adventures of Unemployed Man
is a comic book based on parody regarding the modern ages


Year of the release of the comics

The Adventures of Unemployed Man is one of a kind comic book. It was released in 2010 and it follows a person who acts as a specific superhero. He has a sidekick, Plan B and he is helping those who need help with finding a job, who are lazy and who don’t really want to work.

In the next pages, you can see all the details and the complete story behind the comic. Why it was developed and what it actually represents.

The Adventures of Unemployed Man has been a popular comic book
across the world and still considered one of a kind.

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Why we are the best?

We are the best simply because we have
one of a kind product.

Our comic book is superior, fun and something you cannot get within minutes.

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Would you like to become The Adventures of Unemployed Man?

If you like the comic book so much, there is one surprise we all are impressed with. Now you can become The Adventures of Unemployed Man. We will supply you with the outfit, details and also with possible scenarios. All you have to do is to act like a superhero and try to affect your community. Of course, you can use the outfit for fun only and put smiles on the faces of others.

There are no limits here and you are free to do anything you like as long as you want. During the entire process, you will learn, you will advance and you will try to become a true superhero. It is all possible when you think like one and when you want to live like a true superhero.

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Key people

Who created the comic and
who made it so desirable?